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Love these pics!!! :3


Jesus Christ it's been some time, eh.
Okay whatever i'll just leave some things here.
FNAF is my #1 game
I do not care if you think it's poorly developed or that the jump scares aren't scary
It has a dark, mysterious story which is very thrilling and I am trying to investigate more about it so I can finally understand all the GODDAMN SHIT THAT'S HAPPENING IN THE GAMES RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD
Ye I know most of the fandom is furry crap and 'Oh Purple Guy *swoon* *swoon*' BUT do NOT forget the good part of the fandom, and I'm talking about those artists who try to create their own personifications of the guards and make their own OC's and what-not. This part of the fandom is VERY IMPORTANT and SHOULD ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. 'oh wow look at these dumb asses playing/drawing/whatever FNAF haha pathetic I'm gonna complain in their inbox about their personifications which in my opinion are horrid and also tell them they should kill themselves just because they're enjoying this game that should be hated by everyone LOL' yeah you can go stick your dick in an anthill maybe that way you'll snap out of it and acknowledge the fact that you are FUCKING STUPID
It seems like the FNAF fandom has a bad reputation, and well it kinda deserves it for being so full of pussies, but FNAF itself deserves much more than just a bunch of fangirls and haters. And some time ago it had more than that. Artists blooming with love for the game, animators.... well, animating, and a lot of other cool stuff that a lot of us missed. 
Come on FNAF lovers, we're better than this.
It all crumbled a little bit, and it's our job as followers and fans, to build it up again.

Sorry if nothing here makes any sense, it was a random rant since I was kind of upset and twitchy. Again, my apologies if it's not understandable. I will probably delete this later on.


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Butts McMuffins
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currently passing through an unnecessary emotional crisis with myself while trying to concentrate on my studies and grades but being nearly unable to

nice to meet ya.

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